Friday, October 15, 2004

October 14 Lists

Baby Grail

Ironstonewhirlygig [Cried]
Utopian Politics
Poems of Paul Celan (trans. Felstiner)
The American Poetry Wax Museum
student personal essays
Lord of the Flies
Made in Texas
poetry manuscripts

half a tuna sub w/ pickles & hots from Mike's
three taquitos
a nuts, chocolate chips, and dried cherries trail mix
sumatra coffee (reheated in the microwave)

The Shape of Jazz to Come
On Fire
The Wayward Bus/Distant Plastic Trees
Luna e.p.

American Authors 12
English College Preparation 11
English Honors 11
Academic Time Management
Lunch Duty
English College Preparation 2 11
Teacher Preparation

Leslie O. Johnson Road
Blynman Avenue
Lincoln Avenue
Emerson Avenue
Centennial Avenue
Curtis Square
Whittemore Street
Washington Street
Knowlton Square