Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Two weeks since last post. That long?

Three strong readings last week: thank you George Stanley, Jack Kimball, and Tim Peterson.

Heartbreak cliche last Thursday night.

These fall days in which I am tired and continually forgetting things I often imagine poetry as an escape. What draws me to certain poetry is the freedom of thought I find therein. Play of the imagination too. & invention. All that is denied a bureaucrat (which is what a public school teacher often is). To claim freedom, imagination, invention is a political act. & *is* different from other escapes. Passive ones, especially. Not that I don't indulge in these but I want to make special claims for poetry.

We've heard this all before. But today these comments are a way of thanking George, Jack, and Tim. None of whom may read this.

Now I will try to remember all that I am currently forgetting.